Radiotherapy Special Interest Group

The Radiotherapy Special Interest Group (RT SIG) is a forum to discuss matters pertaining to radiotherapy physics. The RT SIG objectives are to promote continuous professional development, education and training and be a forum for radiotherapy information transfer. This will be achieved through collaborative research and projects, workshops and sharing experiences and information to benefit the group and educate each other. We hope to meet every four months and stay in contact in between as necessary.

Collaborative research and projects

IMRT QA and Protocols

This project will initially involve comparing IMRT protocols and QA from all interested departments, with a view to reducing QA time and creating IMRT guidelines and an IMRT audit system.
Project Contact: Brian Langan, St Luke’s Hospital, Dublin

Brachytherapy – survey and standard reporting

This project will involve surveying brachytherapy practices in Ireland by gathering information on equipment, planning systems, implantation techniques and dose reporting. The aim of the project is to have standard protocols and common reporting techniques across the country so we can share data for research project.
Project Contact: Anysja Zuchora, University Hospital Galway

Plan Checking Protocols

This project will involve a survey of plan checking and verification practices in Ireland.
Project Contact: Louise Fahy, University Hospital Galway


SIG Convenor


Mr. Christopher Walker, St. Luke's Radiation Oncology Network

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