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The role of the IAPM in education differs depending on whether a member is qualified or not. For qualified members the Association can participate in education in the following ways:

  • Organise scientific meetings and conferences
  • Convene meetings of the SIGs
  • Advertise educational workshops and courses to its members
  • Provide financial support for attending courses/ conferences
  • Distribute information on research grants
  • Encourage research liaisons

In late 1999 and into 2000, a group was formed to address the setting up of a national training scheme for medical physicists and clinical engineers. Such a scheme would establish a method of training which follows a structured protocol with an internationally recognised assessment protocol. The training group has a steering committee formed from representatives from each hospital willing to participate in the scheme. The aim is to make the scheme a nationwide one. The training scheme group is independent of the IAPM but includes members of the IAPM.

The IAPM can assist with the training scheme when it is operational by lending its support, making courses, workshops and meetings organised by the IAPM available to students of the scheme. The IAPM could also provide a means of communication with qualified members of the profession and a source of information through its web page.


National Cancer Control Programme National Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Programme

Details on the National Cancer Control Programme National Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Programme can be downloaded here

Professional Development

Professional Development is greatly helped by further education and training after initial qualification. All of the previous suggestions on how the IAPM can help in the education of its members are relevant here. There is a trend abroad to introduce CPD systems to formalise Professional Development but more work needs to be done to promote the environment for a CPD system here in Ireland. The IAPM can advance Professional Development only with the co-operation of its members in a way that the membership sees as most practical. The SIGs can provide a forum for education by organising meetings and inviting experts to present their work, and to allow members to present their work. The IAPM Annual Scientific Meeting also gives people an opportunity to present their work and learn about the work of other members of the profession.

Upcoming Courses

The Annual Beacon Hospital Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Symposium will take place on 17-18th October 2014 in Dublin, Ireland.
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